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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.

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Dietmar Kirves: NO!, 1993Dietmar Kirves: NO mask, 1998Dietmar Kirves: NO!contrails, 2003Dietmar Kirves: NO!architecture, 2003Dietmar Kirves: NO!prisoners, 2008
Dietmar Kirves: NO!fight, 2003Dietmar Kirves: NO!ON, 2003Dietmar Kirves: NO!soldiers, 2008Dietmar Kirves: ON!love, 2003
Dietmar Kirves: NO!suicide-bombing, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!monuments, 2003Dietmar Kirves: NO!tortuousness, 2005Dietmar Kirves: ON!energy, 2008
Dietmar Kirves: ON!controlling, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!injustice, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!popepresidents, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!refugees, 2008
Dietmar Kirves: NO!olympics, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!attack, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!hell, 2006Dietmar Kirves: NO!holocaust, 2006Dietmar Kirves: ON!freedominalove, 2008
Dietmar Kirves: NO!outlook, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!deathpenalty, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!roadblock, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!killing, 2008
Dietmar Kirves: NO!hot, 2008Dietmar Kirves: ON!aid, 2008Dietmar Kirves: NO!shadow, 2008Dietmar Kirves: ON!eruption, 2008
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NO!  NO!new  NO!mask  NO!contrails  NO!architecture  NO!fighting  NO!ON
ON!love  NO!monuments  NO!tortuousness  NO!suicidebombing
NO!prisoners  NO!soldiers  ON!controlling  NO!olympic
NO!popepresident  NO!injustice  ON!freedominalove
NO!hell  NO!holocaust  NO!refugees  NO!outlook
NO!attack  NO!deathpenalty  NO!killing
ON!aid  NO!roadblock  ON!eruption
NO!shadow  NO!hot  ON!energy