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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.




Biographical Notes

Born in Fuerstenwalde, Germany | 1962-68 Studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Kassel, and examination for teaching in artwork and theology | 1964 Public-Mentor at documenta III, Kassel (Germany) | 1969-74 Mixed Media workings with electronical panels, films, sounds, art-sculptures, environments | 1970 Founder of the  mediacontact-agency with the statement, to keep relations with the public systematically through information and to promote creative cooperation among artists and interested parties, with regard to the social significance of information on art and media research, Duesseldorf | 1970-73 Producer of the booklet series art information [Joseph Beuys a.o.] and media news [Kraftwerk a.o.] | 1973 Curator for an art-collection with Fluxus works and Vienna actionists for art collector Francesco Conz, Padua, Italy | 1975 moved to Berlin and stopped the contact with the conventional art scene | 1976 worked as a street-sweeper in the Wall-City Berlin | 1975 first contact with Boris Lurie and NO!art | 1978-88 proof-reader in a scientific-press | 1982 started as publisher the plusminuspress with booklet series | 1988 realized together with Boris Lurie the first  NO!art-anthology at Edition Hundertmark, Cologne | 1989-92 Garbage collector in East-Berlin for documentation the social behavior changing to capitalism after fallen down of the berlin wall | 1993-94 Originator of  NO!show at NGBK-Berlin | 1996-97 Guest-professor for Visual Communication, University Kassel | 2001 art work preparation for the show  NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom at Block Museum in Evanston/ Chicago | 1999 - 2003 co-editor and realizing of the book  NO!art in Buchenwald with Boris Luries' writings in German Gedichtigtes/Geschriebigtes.  wikipedia


handyman at building firms, assembly line worker, iron foundry worker, street sweaper, bathroom cleaner, school teacher, family assistance, taxi driver, welfare worker, employee organisator, printery corrector, street fighter, computational assistance, electronic repairer, art restorer, human communicator, university professor, spin doctor, tourist guide, public mediator, and assisted dying.For most of the jobs they paid for me but sometimes I got nothing. What a beauiful world.

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"Teutonic Knight on stalwart horse: hail, here comes Dietmar! Attack injustices, head on—collect, arrange, catalogize, injustices collected—push on, to the self-appointed German Ostland, glorious task! Weed out the Infidel!—though even they be nearly—fidel; shout out and demonstrate! protect your skull from the batons—conceptualize life's War, with the Berliners' sharply poisoned tongue. Clean up the streets, of what has been the Third and one-half Reich, and try to keep them well-brushed clean, in what is now the Global Freedom's Fourth—dressed up in Welfare cleaning-man's Red Garb. Catalogue, photographize, and write the biting lines, computerize and archivize—the Times, you Don Quixote red-wine brimming Knight!"

Published in:  NO!art Show No 3, catalog, New York 1998

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