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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.






1. Aus Ragusastücken  |  7:54 min

2. Ferrari & New York  |  1:17 min

3. Fuck your Fuck  |  8:04 min

4. Umsatz, Geld her  |  8:08 min

Live recording with MBK band on Aug 13, 1999 at Maybachkeller, Stuttgart

Vocal: Carl Mai Instrumental: Be, Eckhart, Schul, Sid & Wenne

With a NO!addendum out of Carl Mai's disk archives:
5. Not not Knocking on Heavens Door [4:59], GHW-Combo, Kassel 1995
6. Jeder Künstler strebt nach Ehre [4:59], Mozart "Der Schauspieldirektor"
7. NO pain, NO gain [3:53], Scorpions, Face the Heat, 1993
8. Nobody loves me [3:47], Jimi Hendrix live with The Squirers, 1966
9. You got me running [3:53]. Jimi Hendrix live with The Squirers, 1966