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the strategic
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artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.




NO!art ReportNO!art REPORT, Berlin/New York 2021 | Anthology with reports, essays films and reportages on the progress of NO!art since 1978 in collaboration with Boris Lurie, Clayton Patterson and Dietmar Kirves. in preparation

NO!art ReportNO SHOW | Berlin 2015 | Welcome to the comfort zone of an art exhibition An exhibition of objects and gestures declared to be art. The work of art between being and non-being, between the idea and its materialization. Drawing our attention to the flickering in-between of full potential and unanswered question. A hidden movement or sound. A placeholder. A rich presence of absence. The show in a state of haunting suspension. Perhaps all disappointment. Materialized reluctance. The artwork that looks away and frightens. . . . more

Mauerfall Veranstaltung Plakat 2014CULTURE IN THE WAKE OF BERLIN WALL FALL, Berlin 2014 | No other biotope reacted as sensitively to the fall of the Wall as Kreuzberg's scene culture. An exodus towards the East, an insistence on subcultural traditions and political positions. A colorful mix of off-culture heroines looks back on upheavals and . . . more

Mauerfall Veranstaltung Plakat 2014INSIDE OUT | Brunswick 2014 | Billboards on streets and gaps between buildings that appear unattractive due to urban planning requirements or processes become shop windows for art. The pictorial worlds stand in opposition to the inhospitality of the city; they break through the dreariness of the urban space and create forums for. . . . more

Ton Steine Scherben BuchTON STEINE SCHERBEN —Mainz 2005 | The book offers an overview of the mentality of the West German left in the 1970s and 1980s and also reaches into the present: What effect did Ton Steine Scherben have on musical protest culture? What significance did they have for young people in the GDR? How did left-wing protest change after the fall of the Wall? Image and text contribution.more

NO!-ON show, Berlin 2003NO!-ON SHOW —Berlin 2003 | First NO!-ON show of the NO!art movement in Berlin with Lurie, Patterson, Tobocman, Tambellini, Goldman, Lebel, Ehm-Marks, Hallmann, Hansk, Hass, Kirves, Mastrangelo, Mead, Meseck, Bruno S., Salmon, Scheibner, Schubert, Theuerkauf, Wall, Wolf, Woytasik, Zownir. | Curator Dietmar Kirves more

NO!art Ausstellung 2001NO!art AND THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM —Evanston IL. 2001 | With works by Rocco Armento, Isser Aronovici, Herb Brown, Al D'Arcangelo, Stanley Fisher, Dorothy Gillespie, Sam Goodman, Allan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie, Lil Picard, and Wolf Vostell, curator Estera Milman. more

milieumilieu | Berlin 2001 | The study of the intertwined Alpha and Beta society is not yet an exact science. It represents rather the sum of the experiences made by the Alphas. From this it follows that additions and changes are not only possible, but even necessary, if other new knowledge is gained. The research of the Alpha community can only be kept as complete and up-to-date as possible .. mehr

NO!art Ausstellung 2001mindshots are a collection of catchwords which money maker medias produce to influence people's behavior. mindshots are always on discovery tour. The sequence of mindshots corresponds with their up-to-dateness. Skip on mindshot title, make prints and spread them out on all public fronts. more

NO!art Ausstellung 2001illegalnett [2001-15] In many cities, in many places, on walls, billboards, construction trailers, corners of houses, ..., in short, on surfaces visible from afar, individual inscriptions are multiplying in a partly "alarming manner" for order-loving citizens who are attached to prosperity and consumption and fear for their own property. Described by some as "graffiti" in an aesthetically transfiguring way. more

NO!art in Buchenwald mit Boris Lurie: Geschriebigtes-GedichtigtesNO!art IN BUCHENWALD —Stuttgart 2003 | From December 1998 until spring 1999, the Buchenwald Memorial showed a retrospective of Boris Lurie's visual art works in its art museum. Although Lurie's first works were created shortly after the end of the war, this was his first comprehensive solo exhibition in Germany. | Co-editor and design of the catalog in collaboration with Boris Lurie. more

FrontshotsFRONTSHOTS Berlin/New York since 2001 | During the preparation of the artworks for the exhibition NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom at the Block Museum in Evanston in 2001, the idea arose to capture shots in the surroundings of impressions and eye-catchers in different sequences as a snapshot worth noting and to bring it to light in chronological order . . . more

NO!art websiteNO!art WEBSITE —Berlin since 1999 | Start with the publication of NO!art to further disseminate the ideas on the Internet. It was and will be all activities brought to the "light" until the latest. | Web design and administrator: Dietmar Kirves. more

Congress of Resistance, New York 1997CONGRESS of RESISTANCE —New York 1997 | Together with Boris Lurie und Clayton Patterson | The worldwide Political, Business and Cultural Power is trying to control all spheres of human activity: social, cultural, scientific, and life itself! The mass media, controlled and led by the same Power determine the quality and fairness of the social and cultural phenomena as well as of the scientific research, medical . . . . more

NO!art show, Spiritus Rector, Berlin 1995NO!art exhibition —Berlin 1995 | Why do we present the works of the NO!art movement in 1995? The essential reason for our preoccupation with NO!art lies in its aesthetic radicalness, which is still unparalleled today. When art produced more than 30 years ago manages to render one speechless, to evoke repulsion, disgust, to repel and, precisely in this way, to teach sensual lessons, then it possesses an enormous and unbroken power. Spiritus Rector for the show . more

brainshotsbrainshots | Berlin 1989-2014 | are strange impressions from the NO!art front fixed by Dietmar Kirves for your brainstorming in the NO!art involvement between 1988 and 2011. Click on title and let the show go on with self-acting change from time to time. more

NO!art-Anthologie mit Boris Lurie, 1978-1988NO!art-ANTHOLOGY —Cologne 1988 | In preparation since 1969 - previously rejected by publishers - this volume sees the light of day in 1988, twenty-one years after the untimely death of Sam Goodman. This is the first publication of a collection of essays on NO!art. Book Realization in collaboration with Boris Lurie from 1978 to 1988, published by Edition Hundertmark, Cologne, 1988. more

Verweigerer, UmschlagVERWEIGERER [Deniers] —Berlin 1983 | Politics Turns to Music, Karin Kramer Verlag, Berlin | This book is dedicated above all to Edgar Domin, who has always remained straight, and Melanie Strauch, who has always been an ideal partner, as well as to all those, who have had positive influences on our society, as there are Leffy Flamingo, Kitty Sidney, Gipsy Queen, Fritz Lacompre, Sascha Hammer, Mabel, Wieland Speck, Elsa, Rosi Rocca, Zazie de Paris, Java, Nina Hagen. more

Boris Lurie BriefBORIS LURIE, NO!art, New York 1980 | The name "NO!art" is not only a selected name for this book.It corresponds exactly to a group of artists who were active under this name. more

Ausgabe-HeftAUSGABE —Berlin 1976-79 | Literary and art magazine of Edition Hundertmark. The AUSGABE provided an international forum for works by Fluxus artists, Concrete Poetry, Visual Poetry, and Conceptual Art. In addition to the often short texts, it contained a high proportion of graphic works in black and white. The paperback issues contained between 120 and 160 pages in DIN A5 format. Co-editor and magazine design. more

Aktionen, Mönchengladbach 1971ACTIONS —Mönchengladbach 1971 | Curator and organizer with Vito Acconci, Terry Fox, Peter Hutchinson, Dennis Oppenheim, Klaus Rinke and William Wegman. more

mediacontact agency, 1970-74mediacontact —Düsseldorf 1970-74 | Public relations agency with foreign correspondents Terry Fox (San Francisco) and Jochen Gerz (Paris). Purpose and target: To cultivate cultural relations with the public through information in a planned manner, as well as to promote creative cooperation between artists and interested parties with the aim of social relevance of art information and... more

Multiple-Markt, Düsseldorf 1970Art in department store —Düsseldorf 1969-70 | Worked undercover as an advertising contact for a department store corporation to realize a gallery in the department store for the promotion of critical art in the public commercial sphere. The department store houses many strays and fluctuants with various consumer ambitions. more

Creamcheese-logoCREAMCHEESE —Kassel and Düsseldorf 1968/69 | Kassel during documenta IV and later in Duesseldorf | Technical support and multi-media actions with Joseph Beuys, Anatol Herzfeld und Pina Bausch. | Acquaintances made with Richter, Kriwett, Mommartz, Polke, Rinke, Palermo, Zappa [ Suzie Creamcheese] and others more

documenta III, 1964DOCUMENTA III —Kassel 1964 | Audience, press, VIP and politician personal support under the leadership of Herbert von Buttlar | Initiated by Arnold Bode | Acquaintances made with Gréty Wols, Henry Moore, Joseph Beuys, Ernst Wilhelm Nay and Walter Scheel. more

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