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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



documenta III, 1964Creamcheese-logoinfo mediacontactview: Multiple-Market, Duesseldorf 1971info book deniers
info Actions, Moenchengladbach 1971NO!art-Anthologie with Boris Lurie, 1978-1988view: NO!art show, catalogNO!art Webseite
NO!art in Buchenwald with Boris Lurie: Geschriebigtes-Gedichtigtesview: NO!-ON show, Berlin 2003Kultur im Sog des Mauerfalls

2009  BRAINSHOTS formerly mindshots for your brain

2005  MINDLEAKS with never minded problems up to today

2003  NO!-ON show | 1st show NO!show with involved artists from Berlin and New York

2001  NO!art AND THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM | preparing works for the show

2000  NO!art webpage | Publication in the World Wibe Web, up to today

1999  NO!art IN BUCHENWALD | Book realization with Boris Lurie, Stuttgart, up to 2003

1997  CONGRESS OF RESISTANCE with Patterson, Pinchevsky, Lurie and others, New York

1995  NO!art | Spiritus rector of the first European NO!show in Berlin at NGBK

1983  VERWEIGERER (Deniers) | Politics become music in the Wall City Berlin (Book)

1979  BLOCKSHOTS from individual opinions on Berlin walls up to today

1978  FIRST CONTACT WITH NO!art | Letter by Boris Lurie, New York

           NO!art-ANTHOLOGY | Edition Hundertmark, Cologne, up to 1988

1976  AUSGABE | Literature and Art Magazine, Edition Hundertmark, Berlin, up to 1979

1971  ACTIONS with Acconci, Oppenheim, Hutchinson, and others | Moenchengladbach

1970  MEDIACONTACT, press & agency | Duesseldorf, up to 1974

1969  MULTIPLE-MARKET | artshows in a department store, Duesseldorf, up to 1971

1968  CREAMCHEESE | multi media actions, Kassel-Duesseldorf, up to 1969

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