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Literature and art magazine [in German]
Design and co-editing Dietmar Kirves
21 x 15 cm | 120-144 pages | Edition Hundertmark | Berlin 1976-79 | WIKIPEDIA

AUSGABE Nr.1/1976AUSGABE Nr.2/1976
AUSGABE Nr.3/1978AUSGABE Nr.4/1979
Cover, Nr. 1-4

AUSGABE was an irregularly published avant-garde literary and art magazine edited by Armin Hundertmark between 1976 and 1983 in Berlin and Cologne. Other editorial collaborators were Ludwig Gosewitz, Dietmar Kirves, and Brigitte Roberts.

AUSGABE was published by Ausgabe-Verlag Berlin for No. 1, May 1976 - No. 4, May 1979; in Cologne for No.5, November 1980 - No. 7(1983/84), October 1983, when it ceased publication. At last it had a circulation of 600 copies. The paperback issues contained between 120 and 160 pages in DIN A5 format. Some issues contained artists' postcards.

The issue provided an international forum for works by Fluxus artists, Concrete Poetry, Visual Poetry, and Conceptual Art. In addition to the often short texts, it contained a high proportion of graphic works in black and white. Issue 4, 1979, contained more thematically "picture stories" or "text pictures," an intermediate area of visual poetry, but not in the sense of illustrated stories or described pictures. It did not consider itself limited to the Berlin, Cologne, or German art world, but sought internationality in its selection of authors and artists. In terms of art history, it covered a framework of around 20 years of the avant-garde. Some of the contributors belonged directly to the Fluxus artists represented in Edition Hundertmark, founded by Armin Hundertmark in Berlin in 1970.

Participating artists in the first 4 issues: Eric Andersen, Christian Luwig Attersee, Bernhard Johannes Blume, Claus Böhmler, Vladimir Boudnik, George Brecht, Günter Brus, Carlfriedrich Claus, Philip Corner, G. J. de Rook, Peter Engels, Henry Flynt, Henry Gaudier-Brezeska, Jochen Gerz, Ludwig Gosewitz, Al Hansen, Birgit Hein, Dick Higgins, Davi det Hompson, Marcel Janco, Joe Jones, Mauricio Kagel, Per Kirkeby, Dietmar Kirves, Alison Knowles, Arthur Koepke, Boris Lurie, Hermann Nitsch, Ladislav Novak, Karin Pott, Bern Porter, Lutz Rathenow, Harold Rosenberg, Diter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Hella Santarossa, Konrad Baldur Schäuffelen, Margot Schliwa, Wolfgang Schlüter, Tomas Schmit, Dieter Schwarz, Fritz Schwegler, Andreas Seltzer, Paul Sharits, Henry Stazewski, Dominik Steiger, Jiri Valoch, Stefan Wewerka.