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New York 07.15.1980

Boris Lurie an Dietmar Kirves | Briefumschlag 15.07.1980
Boris Lurie an Dietmar Kirves | Brief | Seite 1
Boris Lurie an Dietmar Kirves | Brief | Seite 2


Dear Dietmar!
Many thanks for your letter of 2.6.80., which I answer shortly point by point herewith.

1. Of course I respect your artistic freedom. However, the book follows a concrete plan that has been thoroughly thought through here.

2. Your working costs will be paid of course. But about the price you have to agree with Armin. He told me your fee would be very modest and you understand that this is not a commercial project.

3. The name "NO!art": this is not only a selected name for this book - it corresponds exactly to a group of artists who were active under this name, and are known under this name. The book is also a historical anthology, (except that it also represents the present). That is why it is not so important if the name sounds 'fashionable' today. So, there can be no change in the title and subtitles.

4. The table of contents: (3) About the authors: The first names of the authors should appear to you, since they are often publicly known only by their first names and surnames. (7) Aragon; Letter (7/19/0). (10) Stanley Fisher, Vulgar Show Manifesto (1960). (12) De Hirsch Margules, introduction in the guest book of the "NO!Show" (not No-Show). (13) Isser Aronovici, Partner Shit (1969). (16) The March Gallery shows: INVOLVEMENT(1960) ... (19) G. Gassiot-Talabot, No-artists rebel (1971). (24) Stanley Fisher, Cramp (1959). (33) Arturo Schwarz, Draft for a Text (1970): the manuscript is missing; the draft alone is to be printed. (39) Boris Lurie, No Poster anti-pop poster pamphlet (1963). (41) Barry N. Schwartz draft for article (1972). (44) Jean Toche.... (48) Boris Lurie, letter to DovOr-Ner(1975). (50) Bibliography Innovation in Aesthetics..... (no year is necessary here).
You noted that you compiled the table of contents from three different manuscripts. As I recall, there are only 2 manuscripts, one English and one German, and then the photos and other material.
The order in the table of contents is OK. The table of contents is OK.

5. You can of course correct the German manuscript where necessary.

6. Arturo Schwarz's manuscript is missing; the draft alone is to be printed.

7. The facilities of the book: (a) It must necessarily be printed in a single volume. (b) Photos can also be printed small, where necessary because of lack of space, or also, -- and mainly, because the repetition (even if individual works in print will not be so different is quite important and corresponds to the sense of the edition. (So, the sense is not to symbolize a work only as typical, but to show the whole sequence and repetition). (c) We can not choose from about 300 photos, about 100. Most of the photos have to be reproduced. However, you can eliminate some photos according to your selection.

You probably know from Armin that this book was ready in manuscript form since about 1970 (!!) and that we could not publish it anywhere, that publishers held it back for years and delayed the thing etc. . The publication at Armin has been dragging on for about 2 years now. In the meantime Stanley Fisher died this year.... Therefore, and also to produce a historical document, it is absolutely necessary to react now in all haste.

I definitely hope to be in Berlin this fall and meet you in person!

Should any questions arise in the meantime, you could also call me at the above telephone number.

With best regards, Yours Boris Lurie

Boris Lurie an Dietmar Kirves | Briefumschlag 15.07.1980