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Photos, Texts & Songs | 200 p. | 21 x 15 cm | Karin Kramer Verlag
Berlin 1983 | ISBN 3-87956-148-6

Verweigerer, BuchumschlagVerweigerer, Titelseite

DEDICATION: This book is dedicated above all to Edgar Domin, who has always remained straight, and Melanie Strauch, who has always been an ideal partner, as well as to all those who have exerted positive influences on our society, as there are Leffy Flamingo, Kitty Sidney, Gipsy Queen, Fritz Lacompre, Sascha Hammer, Mabel, Wieland Speck, Elsa, Rosi Rocca, Zazie de Paris (what a perfume), Java, Nina Hagen, Manne Praeker, Walter, Transplantis, Artur Utz, Eduard Garnich, Karl Schall and Aron Hammerschlag, because they are the true authors of this book.
And not to forget Karin and Bernd Kramer, without whom this pile of papers would not have been published at all. Likewise, this book is dedicated to all VOLLGAS and MDK musicians who have carried the ideas forward with their instruments. Besides all the unnamed, this includes especially Franz, Trixi, Lothar, Karl, Uli, Markus, Borsig, Stephan, Jane, Karsten, Whitie, the Black Widow, George, Frankenstein as well as Strubbel and Olaf from FRONT-THEATER.
And likewise this book is dedicated to all those, which exercised a negative influence on our society, as there are all employers with their inhuman pedantries, all banks, which screw only all, and all federal printing works, which printed all the necessary money!

IMPRINT:The photos of the UHA-Moabit and of the women's prison in Lehrter Strasse for the chapter "Communication must be" on pages one hundred and ten and one hundred and twelve to one hundred and fifteen were made available to us by Rainer Berson, Berlin, on the condition that we are not Ziwis. We discovered the photo of the "Embraced Policeman" in the chapter "Communication" on page seventy-two from Winfried Wolf, Berlin, who brought this photograph with him from Frankfurt. All other photos and photomontages come from the contemporary photo archive of Dietmar Kirves, Berlin.

The drawing on page forty-six with the person wearing the MDK sign was made by Melanie Strauch, Berlin, especially for this book project. The line drawing of the power man in armor in the chapter "Tolerance" on page sixty-eight comes from an unknown Comix magazine and was already used for a flyer on the occasion of a solidarity event for a Nuremberg gay group in Berlin (legal costs because of demo against NPD), in which MDK played. The drawings on pages seventy-four "The Shooting Policeman", eighty-six "The Dead in the City Map", and ninety-four "Quarreling Persons" are taken from the book "100 Taboos" by Dietmar Kirves, published in Cologne in 1983, and were kindly made available to us by Edition Hundertmark.

The foreword on page five was given to us for publication by Mr. D. K., who wishes to remain unnamed. The song lyrics on page twenty-three "We are the troops of tomorrow" were written by the Vibrators. The text on pages one hundred and thirty-three and thirty-four about the events at the Anarchist Ball in SO 36 was written by Franz and Jörg of the Kronstadt Committee and already published in the magazine "radikal" on April 1, 1981. The chapter "About the New German Wave" on pages one hundred and sixty-six to one hundred and seventy-three was written after a "libretto" by Uli Radke.

The second leaflet "2nd Message on the State of the Nation" was kindly made available to us by Rat Jenny, as it could no longer be found in the archives. The fifth leaflet got so far out of print that it could not be reprinted.

The layout, cover design and text editing from a manuscript by Volker Hauptvogel was done by Dietmar Kirves, as well as the typesetting for this book.

The copyright is held by Kramer Verlag, Berlin, and the authors.

This is the first edition, published in the summer of 1983, printed by Dieter Dressler, Berlin.