Joseph Beuys/HANDACTION & Anatol Herzfeld/THE TABLE, 1968
Premier at mediacontact on December 5, 1970
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COMMENT by ROB CON, 1970: „... Joseph Beuys later took me specially to see a film at a private view at the gallery mediacontact. The film was to do with hand movements which Beuys performed at the Creamcheese night club. The private view was a very peaceful event typical of most English ones, which I found rather extraordinary, as I had expected something quite different. ... Usually he never goes to a private view, but on this occasion wanted to show me a film of an action he did in the Creamcheese night club. The action was of Beuys making very intensive hand movements in a corner of a room for 2 1/2 h. I found the film to be particularly interesting and stays in my mind as being one of the best short films I had so far seen. His face and hand expressions were emotionally penetrating as one became totally involved within the action, Beuys showed deep concentration while the sweat rolled from his face ..." - Source: Interfunktionen, issue 6, Cologne 1971