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Picture, Photos, News Cuts
VENNAKADEMIE | Alt Breinig 125 | 5190 Stolberg
September 29 — October 8, 1989

Catalog, 16 pages, 10 s/w images, text, 15 x 21 cm

INTRODUCTION | FROM THE VIEW THOUGHTS: View thoughts, called AG for short, are usually views of thoughts and thoughts of views at the same time. Seeing and thinking overlap, so that while thinking one can see, but also while seeing one can think. Everything proceeds in a precise time sequence. AGs do not repeat themselves, but appear only in new combinations. -If, however, the views are no longer clearly seen, the thoughts no longer clearly thought out, not thought out to the end, this disturbance is called Schrozophony.

AGs then blur into each other and fight against each other. The Schrozophone has no more control over his thought process. He does not have the AGs clearly, they only touch him somehow. Next to the main AGs, there are still secondary AGs running. They confuse the thoughts. The Schrozophone does not reach any goal. The confusion becomes stronger and stronger. Everything goes crosswise. He thinks of something sharply, and thinks of something running alongside. He knows well that the AG is running along, but he sees it only in the distance. It is not thinking, but half seeing. Many events follow one after the other. Everything swims away quickly. Sometimes the thoughts swim away, sometimes the views are slowed down.

It is like a wasdechod stuck in the snow. The engine keeps working, but the wheel chains keep spinning in place. Typical responses are "I used to think completed, now I can't come to any conclusion" or "I used to have a fixed thought, now the opposite." The Schrozophones mostly report that how it all works is a mystery to them. The thoughts are extracted from them. Laughter is transmitted to them. Daily inspirations are made to them. Hasty haste, difficulty in breathing, thirst and the like are the result. Personally, they are under the pressure of great AG pressures, so that they feel partly deprived of their freedom --- Dietmar Kirves

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