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Berlin | December 8, 2007 | Video 8:25 min

PLOT: Miron Zownir's PHANTOMANIE featuring Werner Herzog legend Bruno S. in his film is a surreal cinematic nightmare exposing the head-wasteland of dead ends and mental chaos. Zownir sets loose his maverick cast in a claustrophobic world full of absurd ethics and deranged behaviour. Larry is a misfit stranded in Berlin, the pilgrim capital of the lost and haunted. Whatever he does goes wrong. Yet he still can't help acting like a smartass in order to make him feel self-important about his desolate life. But Larry's life is on downward spiral… Pressurised by his girlfriend Lilly, who drives him crazy with her obsession about having a baby, threatened by Kokser, a man to whom he owns money, and trying to dodge an ominous preacher called Klaus, who takes the words of Bible as literal truth, Larry seeks help from Bruno, a homeless drifter, crossing the border between dreams and reality... more

ABOUT MIRON ZOWNIR: Born 1953 in Karlsruhe/Germany, moved to Berlin in 1974 and then went to USA in 1980, where he spent 15 years in New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh as a freelance photographer, scriptwriter and filmmaker directing more than ten short films. During his time in America he collaborated among others with Alexandre Rockwell "In the soup, 4 Rooms", Ryu Murakami "Tokyo Decadence, Almost transparent Blue". He returned to Berlin in 1995 after a 3 month stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg documenting the rapid and brutal decline of the former Soviet Union. His recent publication is his first novel "Kein schlichter Abgang Not an easy way out". Lives in Berlin. more