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Video | Cambridge/MA July 17, 2010 | 26:27 min

PLOT: Aldo speaks about Lower East Side + Rental Prices + March Gallery + Boris Lurie + NO!art + Political Art + Sam Goodman + Stanley Fisher + Jean-Jacques Lebel + Shit Show + Stock Exchange + NO!art antholgy + Screw Performance + Political Poetry + Black and White Films + NO!box + Howl Festival + Poets Against Killing Fields + Reads One Of His Poems

ABOUT ALDO TAMBELLINI: Born 1930 in Syracuse, U.S.A. Mother from Italy. Father from Brazil taken to Italy as a child where he grew up during the World War II. Survived bombing of his neighborhood. Returned to U.S. after the war. He created together with artists and filmmakers an underground-counter-culture in New York in 1959. Video and multimedia pioneer. 1969 he got the International Price of the "Filmfestspiele in Oberhausen", Germany. Created the Black Gate Theatre in New York, the first multimedia theatre. Many poem-publications. Co-operates with black poets and musicians. Lives in Cambridge, MA (USA). more