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A collection of different chapters
on Carl Mai alias Charles Mai,
Carlos Maggio, called CAMA,
his life in Berlin and elsewhere
with corresponding photographs.
Written down by Dietmar Kirves
for Erfahrdasmal & Bastelmix
Foreword + Frontispiece + Preamble
Selected chapter + About Carl Mai

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Writers provide for the spiritual needs of people in this world. By their creations one recognizes the culture and the moral level of the society to which the writer belongs. Therefore, he has a particularly responsible profession. For not everyone who knows how to chat pleasantly with a typewriter can call himself a writer. Just think of the pessimists who declare our beautiful earth to be a vale of tears, and everything that happens on it does not meet with their applause. They consider all people bad and stupid. Only with themselves they make an exception. It is foolish and silly to be a pessimist. We do not want to have anything to do with such people. If we don't like something, we want to try to help make it better. And we want to love and like people, because only then we can gain friends and joy. Therefore, poets and writers should not only entertain us, but lead us up to the heights of life and educate us to all that is good, true and beautiful. The writer first writes down the beautiful stories that delight you in your leisure hours, after he has thought about what he wants to tell you and in what way he wants to portray his tale. If he puts it into poem form, or if he has particularly fine poetic thoughts which he knows how to convey in fluent form, he is called a poet. If, however, he writes only about daily events for the disposable newspapers, he is called a journalist. The greatest poets and writers are immortal. The ideas of these greats are never lost to society. It remains the precious intellectual property of the respective nation, which will still guard it as a treasure and deepest possession long after the writer and poet have died and gathered with their mothers and fathers. People will still sing their songs when their word has long since faded away.

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It will be checked what is not to be decided.

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If you have peace as a friend and war as a cousin,
you still have to die..

[Karl Murksneder]

Comming down is the hardest thing.
[Vollrad Krause]

There is no innocence unless you forget
[Rosina Brotkasten]

What I do not like at all becomes me all day.
[Franz Gemeiner]

Clothes make the man, if they are bulletproof.

The harder the day, the emptier the brain.
[Richard Tyler]

Everyone talks about the environment, and we destroy it!
[Dr. Chemie-Fix]

In time lies waste.
[Franz Ganzlang]

I disturb, therefore I am!
[Karl Kerl]

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410509. CHAPTER: Maien told about his creation in this world and also how he should get on in his life.

521116. CHAPTER: Maien kicked the water out of his eyes for the first time, so that he forgot to cry for his advancement.

540629. CHAPTER: Maien watched the nature at sunrise and run away, when the struggle for survival began there.

781109. CHAPTER:Maien experienced how a president the walled-in Berlin visited within 24 hours and then leaves again.

880501. CHAPTER: Maien enjoed Labor Day as a holiday on Sunday. He looked at the street crowds and did not manage to get back to his familiar home.

880502. CHAPTER: Maien was arrested by the authorities and stewed in a single cell. After endless hours, he was released with a criminal complaint into freedom.

900819. CHAPTER: Maien saw the story of doom in the trash run away more and more. In the process, he discovered an unwindin rationalization center in the trash.

920130. CHAPTER: Maien cursed the barbaric trajectories of history and did not let the memorable memory with Stork-Volker and Tax-Harry.

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About CARL MAI: Maien was conceived in Finsterwalde in 1940 and was born there in May of the following year. His parents call him Derob Carl, because he is supposed to become the great one one day. Even before learning the alphabet, he loses his parents to the Beelzebub of war. He then flies through different regions and is educated in different schools. Disappointed by the dictated mediations of the teachers, he begins early to explore the gaps and niches in the system. Impressed by the worlds of experience and social structures, he writes reports in loose succession in connection with several camera snapshots.

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