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410509. CHAPTER:
Maien told about his creation in this world
and also how he should get on in his life.
Manuscript from: Carl Mai, How it went on, Berlin 1941-92

Selbstbedienung | Foto: D. KirvesIn the beginning, the All-Father and All-Mother were of good will and created the heavens and the earth. And the globe was first desolate and empty. And it was pitch dark in the depths of the all-encompassing ocean. Only the spirit of Allmother and Allfather floated like a wind above the amniotic sac.

Then Allmother spoke to Allfather: "This is too dark for me here. I want to see something of you!" And so Allfather raised his hands above his head and commanded, "Let there be light!"

And light was sent into the delivery room from a large brown coal electric plant, so that photosynthesis could develop.

So they called the light the current and the darkness the current block.

Then electricity became the first day. And they enjoyed the marching music from the tape recorder.

Now Allfather said to Allmother, "We need a dry place in the waters so that we don't get our feet wet all the time. Otherwise we will catch cold!"

Together they went to work the next morning. Allmother shoveled the earth from the bottom of the sea into Allfather's hands with her hands. And Allfather carried the earth together into a great wet heap. This they called the sky after completed work.

For this they needed again only one day.

Now there was trouble in the sky, because Allmother and Allfather had brought too much earth dirt into the sky with their hands work and had not considered thereby the union breaks. The first time Allmother quarreled with Allfather: "What is all this earth dirt doing in heaven? Let us only sit on a small part like the farmer with his clean straw sheaf on the warm dunghill."

Then they threw down again the largest part of the earth crumbs from the sky, so that the sky would not become so heavy to fall on the earth.

Thus they created with the superfluous earth from the sky the coral reefs, the atolls, the islands and continents in the waters, so that also others could get times dry feet.

Again, they needed only a single day for this.

Now Allmother and Allfather had to recover from all the work. They began not to be troubled by earth and gene combinations any more and began to sleep with each other at night.

Their sleep was deeper than the deepest earth furrow in the oceans. And so they missed the next day because the 20-hour week was still in effect. In fact, the mail from the Holy Spirit came to their mailbox only every fifth day. The returned excuses of the parents for the school excluded, because the all-teachers are married with the all-school.

And as All-Mother and All-Father slept away like this, the seed developed on the moist earth. Grass, herbs, trees, worms, birds and cattle, whales, rhinoceroses, elephants and monkeys grew.

And every one of them had his own seed with himself. Each one after his kind.

And when All-Mother and All-Father awoke from their coitus, they were glad that another day had passed, and they thought that what they had created was good.

And they blessed everything from above, saying through a thunderstorm: "Be fearful and multiply, each according to his kind. Never desire your neighbor's wife, husband, goods and chattels. Let inbreeding be your sacrilege!"

And then the seed multiplied under the heavenly vault, every man according to his kind. Then the fishes became birds, the algae became grass, the whales became elephants, and the apes became Homo erectus.

And then, when the multiplication took over, all the sprouted seeds began to take the butter off each other's bread. Some of the seeds did not multiply any more, did not go to work any more, formed criminal associations and destroyed the fruitful.

So Allfather and Allmother saw this now from their heavenly bed, they did not agree with it and witnessed one who should keep the book for them.

Allmother and Allfather called him Carl Mai. They threw him on the earth in a blooming spring bed under budding cherry trees and gave him Susy Sally to go with him so that they could branch out to continue the accounting of development.

Fervently thanking them for my birth, I gave Susy Sally free rein and went my way while All-Mother and All-Father sat in Heaven.

My last prayer was, "O All-Mother and All-Father. Your kingdom come and Your will be done, as in heaven and also on earth, but not under water. Forgive me my debts, which my debtors teach me, so I cannot keep the book about it. AMEN!"

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