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Our sense is that which is not
And yet still shall become!

Shall that still become, what is not
And yet still shall become?

Why should that not become,
What should be with all?
Because all are with those,
Who do not want to be
With you you your senses.
Were you no longer
With them with those,
Because they were
Were no longer powerful,
To be out of their minds.

Do you want what I want
And could not want,
Because it was not true with those,
To reason together?

You should,
As it happens to all,
Who are not powerful,
For the sake of power to should,
To have something else,
Which is not, which is,
What we want,
To receive all,
That we may come to ourselves
And not forget ourselves
In the eternal litany of yesterday,
Which doesn't help us either,
Because we are there
And can't help but do
To do what we should be
Because of the sense in the sense
And the meaningfulness in being.

For when you are no longer
No longer have your senses,
You can no longer be
of your senses,
Because all senses have senses
And no master alone shall be a mind.

For the masters shall be the women
And the women shall be the masters.
As there is one sense,
Which overpowers all
And none shall be senseless again,
To know that,
What is real
And yet is not real.

For where there are senses, there are few,
Because few always want to determine
What should be,
Many are against it,
What few want.

Many actually want that,
What not few, but all want.
However, in wanting there is no wanting,
What all have had to want,
To come to a history!
Why are you not her and them
Not been?
Because you do not do it with them
And you and all the world!
Because you do not do it
Like everyone in the world!
Because you can never be
Can never be:
Were you no longer senses of your hybrid,
Or no longer powerful of your senses,
Because you no longer make the senses!

                         Published in: Wulf Herzogenrath (Eds.), Unausgewogen, Catalog, Cologne 1986