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in: APEX, magazine for art, culture and photography, no. 2, Cologne 1988
+ Die Andere, no. 38, Berlin 1991

Salto   Augendruck

The interpersonal tussle first starts for people with the intense handwork (Fig. 2). They begin to discover their bodies and start to access each other in this way. In their mutual tussle, they never give up good handwork. People who know how to masturbate each other really skillfully are also capable of anything else they feel comfortable with (Fig. 1).

Siamesische Zwillinge   Aufgefangene Gewehrkugel

However, manual labor is not a substitute for vaginal-anal coitus with them, but something that results in a whole different kind of orgasm. This is because the orgasm they give themselves is again different from the orgasm brought on by another party. In complete coitus, they use manual labor as a compelling preparation. To lead one party of them to erection requires another (fig. 5). If it has another, they insert the vaginas into the penises. Then after each orgasm comes another round. Most people experience a second orgasm more by stimulation and a third by touching themselves. A party that has the divine gift of lust and loves its faction always masturbates well (Fig. 7).

Hypnose   Maske

And a faction that knows how to masturbate another, not hastily and thoughtlessly, but refined and relentlessly, will almost always be a respected party. People use intuitive empathy to get a real pleasure out of masturbation. They touch themselves in just the right place, with just the right amount of pressure and movement, and in each case tune their activity intermittently so that they collapse, hold in, or slow down in their feelings at the same time to keep their happiness in abeyance and guide their success. There are infinite variations between pushed back shame and not pushed back shame (Fig. 6).

Unless people are modest, they do not rub their glans ticklers themselves unless to achieve special effects. They do best by grasping just below the groove, pushing the foreskin back as far as possible. The parties use both hands to do this, pressing hard near the root and stroking their extremities firmly against the thromboses. Sometimes they form a ring by means of thumb and forefinger and then grasp with the whole hand. They take turns doing this more often and often wash their hands in between during prolonged masturbation. For a full orgasm, people usually kneel astride each other to get off on their nakedness. The professionals in this matter call themselves "The Daughters of the Widow of the Wrist" for fear of infection in the business. People find it worthwhile to refine this happiness by any finesse. Thus, joy comes to any home business.


Another technique they operate by rolling the penis sheaths like cake dough between their hands. By pressing firmly with a finger on the area between the pubic and anus, they increase their feelings of pleasure. Most of the time, people also look at each other masturbating and take pictures of themselves doing it, which again serves other people to masturbate on this (Fig. 3).

Most often, however, parties neglect the labial penises in favor of the clitoral glans. Rubbing the clitoral testicle is as arousing to everyone as slow masturbation. However, it is usually done painfully by the parties because it is done too awkwardly and repeated too often (Fig. 4).

The main difficulty for them is that they do not recognize how the ideal pressure point changes hourly. The best method for the parties is probably to place the flat of the hand on the vulvapenis. With the middle finger, the tip of which moves in and out of the anus, they should forcefully push through the hand bone just above the pubic bone. The most important thing is a steady rhythm after the hip movements.

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