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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



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2015  NO SHOW | tête gallery, Berlin

2013  ARTE POSTALE | Akademie der Künste [groupshow], Berlin

2010  ART INFORMATION | Weserburg, Museum of Modern Art, Bremen

2009  ZEIGEN / POINTING | Temporaere Kunsthalle, Berlin
           NEIGHBORHOODS | Haus am Luetzowplatz, Berlin

2008  EROTICART | Gallery Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy

2007  MINDSHOTS on Videoboard | insideout, Brunswick/Germany

2006  ZERO COMA NO [NULL KOMA NIX] | Gallery Scherer 8, Berlin

2004  HEAVY WEIGHTS SHOW | Clayton Gallery, New York
           AB-NORM | Kulturverein Kinski, Berlin

2003  NO!-ON SHOW | Gallery Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin

1998  NO!art Show No 3 | Janos Gat Gallery Gallery, New York
           HALLO BLALLA, friends of Blalla W. Hallman | Gallery Röver, Nuremberg

1997  NO!show | Clayton Gallery, New York

1995  THE SISYPHOS SYNDROME | Hommage to Beuys, Schloss Plueschow

1994  EUROPE WITHOUT WALLS | City Art Galleries, Manchester, Great Britain
           BEUYS-PHOTOS at Joseph Beuys-Retrospect | Centre Pompidou, Paris,
           Kunsthaus, Zurich, and Museo National, Madrid

1993  ARTISTS PRODUCE MONEY [Kuenstler machen Geld] | Gallery O2, Berlin
           MEMORIAL DAY OF PUBLIC OBSEQUIES [Volx-Trauer-Tag] | endart Gallery, Berlin

1992  MEMORIAL DAY OF TOTAL-CAPITULATION on MAY 8th, 1945 | endart Gallery, Berlin
           ART! WHAT IS THAT? [Kunst! Was ist das?] | Culture Center Bitterfeld
           elektronischen Medien nach der Natur] | Gmuender Art Society,
           Schwaebisch Gmuend

1990  GERMANY IN THE FALL [Deutschland im Herbst] | Boyne Art Gallery, Munich
           NOW! POST REVOLUTIONARY ART IN THE 4TH IMPERIUM [Endlich! Postrevolutionäre
           Kunst im IV. Reich] | Lapidarium, Neue Gesellschaft fuer Bildende Kunst, Berlin

           EROTIC! [Ero-Tick] | Gallery Treppe, Dueren

1989  ATTENTION FUTURE! [Achtung Zukunft!] | Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
           VIEWS & BE TOGETHER [Ansichten & Beisammensein] | Vennakademie, Stolberg
           FORM THE FUTURE [Die Zukunft gestalten] | International Congress Center, Berlin
           LAND IN SIGHT [Land in Sicht] Vorwerkausstellungen | Hamburg, Germany

1988  NICE LOOK-OUTS [Schöne Aussichten] | maerz Gallery, Cologne
           WALL NEWSPAPERS [Wandzeitungen] | Day & Night pub, Berlin-Kreuzberg
           DO IT BETTER IN 1989! | Wall-Actions, Berlin

1987  POST MAIL ART | Triskel Arts Center, Cork, Ireland
           SELF PORTRAITS, International Mail Art Exhibit | Kent Parks Department,

1986  A NEW LANGUAGE FOR A NEW EARTH | Contemporary Artspace, Tyron, NC
           ON THE SEARCH FOR A LOST LAND | Kunstverein Cologne
           BERLINER ON ROUNDABOUT WAYS | Artestudio Bergamo, Italy.
           BIG SELECTION = PRISON FOR EVERYONE | Pinguin Club, Berlin
           HOW DO YOU DO IT? | BWA-Gallery, Treblinka, Poland
           POST IMPRESSIONS | Junior College, Division of Fine Arts, Albany, New York
           DREAM-PIECES [Traumgebilde] | Art Center Ernst Thaelmann, Magdeburg, Germany
           BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH [Zwischen Himmel und Erde] | Rhumeweg, Berlin

1985  TABOOS [99 Tabus] | Gallery Hundertmark, Cologne
           OUTSIDE [Draussen] | Gallery Rhumeweg, Berlin
           INFILTRATION HOMOGENEOUS [Infiltration Homogen]
           Museum Am Ostwall, Hagen
           MANI-ART | Gallery A.S.C.A., Beauvais, France

1984  ANNIVERSARY OF RANDOM EDITION | Museum Katharinenburg, Kranenburg

1983  UNBOUNDED [Grenzenlos] | Literary Center of the Old Forge, Vienna

1982  PHOTO RECYCLING PHOTO | Photoforum, University Kassel

1981  ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? | Free University, Brussels
           ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY | Goethe Institute, Paris, Marseille, and Nancy
           EDITION HUNDERTMARK | Goethe Institute, London, Graz, Austria
           ANNIVERSARY OF RANDOM EDITION | Gallery Fuhrwerkswaage, Cologne

1980  NON-REALIZED PROJECTS | International Center of Culture, Mexico-City and
           Remont Gallery, Warsaw

1979  POST-CARD SHOW | Gallery Zona, Firence, Italy

1975  SMALL PRESS SCENE | Gallery Zona, Firence, Italy

1969  SPACE DEFINITIONS | Gallery Fischer and Creamcheese, Duesseldorf

1968  MIXED MEDIA, actions with sound and film-projections during documenta IV.
           Kassel, actions continued in Duesseldorf

1967  TIME-MACHINES [Zeitmaschinen] | Gallery Seringhaus, Wuppertal
           KINETIC SCULPTURES | Kunstverein Kassel

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