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STORY | How it went on [1941-92] |Writers provide for the spiritual needs of people in this world. By their creations one recognizes the culture and the level of the society to which the writer belongs. Therefore, he has a very special responsible profession. For not everyone who knows how to chat pleasantly with writing can call himself a writer. Just think of the pessimists who declare our beautiful earth to be a vale of tears, and everything that happens on it does not meet with their applause. They consider all people bad and stupid. Only with themselves they make an exception. It is foolish and silly to be a pessimist. We do not want to have anything to do with such people. If we don't like something, we want to try to help so that it will be better in our togetherness.more

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POETRY | Contra the senses [1986] | Our sense is that what is not. And nevertheless still shall become! Shall that still become, what is not. And still shall become? Why should that not become, what should be with all? Because all are with those who do not want to be with you your senses. Were you no longer with them with those, because they were no longer powerful of his lord to be of mind? more

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REPORT | What are people actually doing everywhere? [1988] | The interpersonal tussle begins for people first with the intense handwork. They begin to discover their bodies and start to access each other in this way. In the mutual tussle, they never give up the good handwork. People who know how to masturbate each other really skillfully are also capable of everything else they are comfortable with. more

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WORDS | Organ for speech understanding [1998] | The media inundate us daily with information, in whose jungle we can no longer find the sufficient paths to be truly informed. The search engines of the Internet only improve this situation to a limited extent. The magazine WORTBILDER sees itself as a mediator for language understanding. By evaluating numerous sources, hints are given for particularly successful information and its formulations. The media want to say a lot in as concentrated a form as possible, which sounds intelligent, but only has this appearance. The WORDPICTURES want to set the ignition mechanism in the brain of the receiver in motion.

Example FALLGUY: The fallguy is recruited in the organization at all ranks. Sometimes the law enforcement agencies are more stubborn than is good for business. In that case, someone has to be thrown to them to make them stop. This grub is the fallguy, the scapegoat. He is never a random appointment. He must be involved in a way that is contrary to the state, so that the police are happy about him. On the other hand, he must not know enough to seriously endanger the organization's wirepullers and backers.—890101 more

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SOCIETY | Milieu | The study of intertwined societies is not yet an exact science. Rather, it represents the sum of people's experiences. From this it follows that additions and changes are not only possible but even necessary when other new knowledge is gained. The research of the societies can only be kept as complete and up-to-date as possible if all interested parties cooperate continuously. This cooperation is hereby solicited from all concerned. Every suggestion and every case from practice, if possible with picture material, sketches and texts are very welcome. The study of the societies and their appropriate implementation in practice should help to protect the lives of all. But it should also help to make the unavoidable interventions in public life as smooth and sparing as possible. These are the great aims of the present contributions and these are also the aims of the requested cooperation. Because the superiors want to regulate everything more

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ESSAY | Dietmar Kirves and NO!art | The genuine animation of Kirves' art is an absolute NO!mind, NO!reason, or NO!spirit, which manifests itself in both natural and human history. NO!mind is universal and therefore cannot be identified with the mind of any particular person. Rather, each particular mind is an aspect of this NO!world mind, and the consciousness and rational activity of each person is a phase of the Absolute itself. The activity of NO!mind is dialectical in nature. Kirves is preoccupied with triadic development, one phase demanding the next by an inner necessity. In this development, known as the NO!dialectic, one concept, the thesis, is followed by its opposite, the NO!thesis; the ensuing conflict between the two is brought together at a higher level as a new concept, or NO!synthesis, which becomes the thesis of yet another triad. more

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